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Author's Black Book

A Writing Journal

I have a journal for each book I've written and I wanted to create a semi guided journal for other authors!

Helping to organize thoughts, memorialize the novel writing process, track progress, and get feelings out on paper before starting each writing session. 

New Spiral Bound option available now!


Y2K stickers with every TGA Bundle Purchase!

I'm including some fun Y2K inspired stickers with every two book bundle. Get TGA&TGA2 plus stickers and other TGA swag. :)


Romantic Suspense

is up next!

My third novel is a dual POV romantic suspense. Publishing updates coming soon.


Chelsie is a life long writer turned author who, in 2020, left her old life behind to write a new one. She is passionate about storytelling in a way that resonates with girls and women. Her writing is inspired by real life experiences. She has worked with hundreds of girls during her non profit days and hopes that her novels will continue to inspire and entertain them. She writes about love, loss, and complex relationships featuring lots of nostalgia and characters you'll want to be friends with. Her first series (This Girl America and That Girl America) is out now. 

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This Girl America - Released on September 6, 2022

Set in the early 2000's in an industrial suburban California town, America Rossi is trying to overcome the last three years and the three boys that did more than just break her heart. 

With her senior project on the line, America must revisit the painful past in order to face her senior year. 


This is a story about being thrown into the dark side of teenage life, unprepared. It’s about bad influence, young love, sex, interracial dating, manipulation, abuse, harsh reality, and forever friendship. It’s taking time to look back on where you’ve been to understand where you want to go.  

Trigger/Content Warning: Abusive Relationship, mention of Abortion, Bullying, Cheating, Drugs, Fire, Racism, Rape, Sexual Assault and Sexual Content.

That Girl America - Released on February 21, 2023

It's no secret that the last three years were hard for America Rossi. Now, with senior year under way, the Abraham crew is ready for an amazing end to their high school experience. But America has a huge decision to make—move to Italy after graduation or stay in Fountain Hill. The thought of leaving her friends is unimaginable, especially as she tries to help them through their own resurfacing nightmares. 


The only thing she knows for sure is that she's ready to live out a year worth writing about in the last letter for The Assignment. Football games, risky adventures, and completing the BFF Bucket List are her focus until there's an accident and she's responsible for taking a life. In the aftermath, she must figure out how to live hers again. 


Randi, Chloe, and the Abraham boys don't leave her side, but Jerry Torres, the first guy to break her heart, may be the only one who can pull her back from the edge. Choosing between Italy and Fountain Hill won't be the only decision she has to make in the end.


Trigger/Content Warning: Alcoholism(parent), car accident, death of a minor, depression, disordered eating, traumatic grief depiction, physical assault, sexual content, talk about rape.


3D TGA.jpg


The friendships, the experiences, the rebellion, and the hard lessons are written in a way that feels like I am experiencing them myself. I felt so connected to America and the other characters that I genuinely want to know what comes next for all of them. I don’t think I have ever read a book that brought on this much nostalgia. I’m obsessed and I need the sequel stat!

Goodreads Review

I often go for stories that I know will play it safe but I love this novel because it doesn’t do that. It’s real, gritty and raw. It’s important for many reasons but my favorite is it shows the ugly side of being a teenager. The uncertainty, the immaturity, the loneliness. It’s a story many girls will relate to. It portrays an experience that isn’t perfect, isn’t picturesque, isn’t swoony. The town that America, the main character lives in is a town similar to where I grew up and it felt very nostalgic (albeit a little cringe) to live through those early 2000s memories again. It’s a good one my friends!

Instagram Review

Wow. This book was beautifully written with raw emotions. The nostalgia in this book was something I didn’t know I was missing.

Goodreads Review

Lynzie, Goodreads Review

"Stories like this are important. Hard topics portrayed in fiction hold the potential to make someone feel less alone. I remember a great deal about high school and, although my experience was vastly different in nearly every way, I found myself relating to the characters and their driving emotions."

Vickie, Amazon Review

"Everything just flowed, from beginning to end. I fell in love with the characters since TGA but I fell even more in love with them in TGA2! I felt a strong connection with all of the characters. I even wanted to be part of the Abraham Crew. Let’s be honest, I shed a tear or two while reading it."

Becca, Amazon Review

"TGA 2 was such an incredible conclusion to the fantastic two part series!! I love the evolution of the characters, the issues they dealt with in the book hit so close to home and it was so great seeing it all being talked about. Of course my love for the Abraham boys grew 10x! "

"Of all the things I'd done in my life, of all the versions of myself I'd lived out, there was one that had never changed: I was a writer."

Cheryl Strayed

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Instagram: @rewritingChelsie
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