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Writing has always been the dream. From a childhood filled with poems and short stories to having her own column in the hometown newspaper, Chelsie has been passionately writing about the world around her. In 2020, she quit her career to become a full time writer. Two of her novels are now published and she has two additional books in the works.  Her first series is a millennial story featuring diverse characters, teenage struggles, loss, trauma, friendship, the pursuit of self discovery and happiness.

Chelsie created and ran a non profit for a decade where she educated girls on body image, self esteem and sexual health. She has also worked in the corporate world where she thrived in a high stakes managerial environment. Two years after her twin sons were born, she decided to put all her focus on her kids and finally pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

In 2023 she created the Author's Black Book Journal, a semi guided journaling method she personally uses before each writing session. Since it launched the journal has helped hundreds of authors organize their thoughts and memorialize the novel writing process.

You can find her at @rewritingChelsie on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest
where she shares more about writing novels and rewriting life in her thirties. 

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