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It's no secret that the last three years were hard for America Rossi. Now, with senior year under way, the Abraham crew is ready for an amazing end to their high school experience. But America has a huge decision to make—move to Italy after graduation or stay in Fountain Hill. The thought of leaving her friends is unimaginable, especially as she tries to help them through their own resurfacing nightmares.

The only thing she knows for sure is that she's ready to live out a year worth writing about in the last letter for The Assignment. Football games, risky adventures, and completing the BFF Bucket List are her focus until there's an accident and she's responsible for taking a life. In the aftermath, she must figure out how to live hers again.

Randi, Chloe, and the Abraham boys don't leave her side, but Jerry Torres, the first guy to break her heart, may be the only one who can pull her back from the edge. Choosing between Italy and Fountain Hill won't be the only decision she has to make in the end.

Content/Trigger Warnings: alcoholism(parent), car accident, death of a minor, depression, disordered eating, traumatic grief depiction, physical assault, sexual content, talk about rape.

That Girl America (book 2)

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