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Get both books from the TGA series + the Swag Pack (4 Y2K stickers, 2 TGA stickers, 1 Y2K Era postcard, all wrapped in one of America's four letters. It's a surprise which one you'll get!)


Set in the early 2000's in an industrial suburban California town, America Rossi is trying to overcome the last three years and the three boys that did more than just break her heart. Sex, lies, and harsh societal truths throw America into a dark side of teenage life that she wasn't prepared for. With her senior project on the line, she must revisit her painful past in order to face her senior year.

When senior year comes around, the only thing America knows for sure is that she's ready to live out a year worth writing about in the last letter for The Assignment. With her two best friends and the Abraham boys by her side, football games, risky adventures, and completing the BFF Bucket List are her focus until there's an accident and she's responsible for taking a life. In the aftermath, she must figure out how to live hers again.

This is a two book series about bad influence, young love, sex, interracial dating, manipulation, abuse, harsh reality, the complexities of relationships, trauma, and forever friendship. It’s taking time to look back on where you’ve been to understand where you want to go.


TGA Two Book Bundle

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