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What I hate...

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

I hate giving and not getting in return.

When it comes to connection, friendship, and love I expect it to be reciprocated. Unless, of course, you don't feel the same things I feel. At that point, I expect you to tell me. Be blunt. I prefer it.

These days it mostly happens against my will. Giving love. Giving a shit about anyone else really. But when it does happen, I want something too. If my unnaturally cold heart somehow thaws for you, I better hold yours as well. If I care enough to talk to you regularly, because we have a connection, friendly or otherwise, I assume you would want to talk to me too.

They say you should give without expecting anything in return, but who actually does that? Who the hell would give any part of themself without the expectation of receiving? Fuck that. No thanks.

You don’t invest unless you think you’ll make something on your investment. If that investment proves to be a waste of time/energy and it’s not making you any money, wouldn’t you pull out?

I always pull out. But then again relationships are harder than financial investments. That’s why I avoid them. I hate hard, I love minimally, and I expect something in return when I give.

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