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Talking to Myself

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

I finally got used to talking to myself.

Ever since you stopped answering my texts, I’ve had to get comfortable talking to myself.

I speak to people every day. Multiple people. Many people. But I only talk to you. And even after you disappeared, I couldn’t stop.

So here I am sending the 176th text and I’m finally starting to settle into your silence. Its gray. It’s a little cold. But I’m acclimating.

Prior to February 28th, I held out hope. I small piece of me thought that if I wished hard enough, you’d answer. But on the 28th something changed. Something shifted inside me and that’s when I knew I’d never hear from you again.

So I’ll keep sending texts until I no longer feel the need to. I’ll keep talking to myself until I don’t feel like talking anymore. Or maybe until I make it to wherever you are, and you talk to me again.

Copyright 2023 Chelsie Prince All Rights Reserved.

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