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A Speech from the This Girl America Release Party

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Before I say anything about the book or myself I wanted to thank all of you for being here. Nothing I say will really capture how truly grateful I am for the support. This whole journey has been very out of my comfort zone. I’ve basically started living a whole different life in the last two years and it was scary. So when I see all the best people in my life, here for this, I can’t properly express the gratitude I feel. Some of you came from really far away. Nor. Cal, Chicago, Los Angeles… Some of you have never even met me face to face. Yet still you took time out of your life and put miles on your cars to celebrate This Girl America. That means the world to me. Thank you.

Dreams… most of us are told from an early age that we can be whatever we want to be. Sky is the limit. Right? But then real life happens. Expectations are set. Money has to be made. Success has to be accomplished. So many of us push those dreams somewhere far away.

It took years of searching, years of trying the next thing, years of infertility, and less than a year in a pandemic for me to find where I put my dream.

I’ve been searching all my life for this thing. This feeling of being content. I found the love of my life and I thought that was true happiness but then it wasn’t quite enough. Then I decided that having kids would be it and we tried and tried and we failed and failed. And when I finally succeeded and those sweet babies were laying on my chest, everything should have been right but somehow it just wasn’t. And I fought the internal fight about what true happiness was and I convinced myself that if I just kept trying it would all fall into place. But it didn’t.

Who knew a global pandemic would be the last piece of the puzzle. I had this amazing career. Working for, and with, people I respected and loved and who gave me the same in return. So when I finally came to the conclusion that I would leave that career, those people, I was kind of devastated. In order to follow my heart, I had to leave a very good situation. And the practical side of me struggled very much with that. But with Aubrey’s support and push, I pulled the trigger and I’m so happy I did.

I had support from my former boss and my coworkers who were like family. From my real family who never discouraged me from doing this. Both the Princes and the Mogan’s. I had my best friends literally cheering me on through every hurdle. And I had social media friends doing the same thing on my screen. When I say I’m lucky, it’s the biggest understatement ever.

This book is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a decade plus. As many of you know I spent all my twenties working with teen girls. I spent years being one myself. This story is about us. It's about bad decisions and learning the hard lessons. It’s about losing yourself and having the kind of friends who help find you again. It’s about mistakes. It’s about redemption. It’s real and raw and I think it’s important. I hope it drums up conversations that need to be had. I hope it’s entertaining. I hope it’s at least worth the read.

And the last thing I want to say is that I hope everyone, at some point in their lives, feels what it feels like to find and pursue your dream. Because there’s really nothing like it.

Copyright 2022-2023 Chelsie Prince All Rights Reserved.

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